3D Pilates corporate fitness

The 3D PilatesCore corporate fitness program is targeted to the all level staff members who are mainly working in office. The training will cover stress management, fitness knowledge to ensure the participants understand how to manage and improve their work in an efficient manner. The training content includes theory, practice and some course materials. We wish to achieve the following goals after conducting the course.

Increase personal working capacity
Improve efficiency in working place
To minimize hypo kinetic disease
Keep the body health & fitness
To coping the stress

Program Overview
Core health has been listed as a important personal training program . It is an exercise training emphasizing body balance. If a person is having a balanced skeleton together with such a sensation, the person’s body could then be restored to its original natural state and condition. This is also the basic beginning of all living creatures. Pilates exercise began in the year 1903. It was first advocated by a German person as a western method of balancing exercise, with remarkable therapeutic value. This course has exceeded the framework of traditional core exercise since it has incorporated Pilates method of exercise which provides more fun and changes the slow and soft characteristics of dynamic Tai Chi exercise. A crossover or combination of dynamic Tai Chi and Pilates has therapeutic use in maintaining a healthy vertebral column and for dealing with conditions of chronic injuries. It is also the best healthy-living exercise for the elderly. We can enter the world of Dynamic Tai Chi and, combined with Pilates method of exercise, acquire a perfect crossover of eastern and western forms of training. We can achieve a balance of ying and yang which is essential for a healthy state in our bodies, in fulfilling the ultimate aim of the dynamic core philosophy of exercise system to improve our health inside out.

Course Content:
1. Different between dynamic core and Pilates Exercises.
2. Pilates action-intervention strengthening training.
3. Core exercise training through the elements of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth
4. Core muscle and balance body.
5. Spine exercise and fun game.
6. How to switch on the Core.
7. 3D core pilates exercise: body postures, hand moves, foot moves, push, body balance, power delivery and their uses.

3D PilatesCore fitness conveys the following messages:

T Tiptop body fitness
A Awareness of body balance
I Intellectual body works

C Core muscle exercise
H Hip health
I Infinite energy
P Pose
I Ideal weight
L Life quality
A Articulate joint and muscle
T Tension reduction
E Eliminate chronic pain
S Spine exercise

We welcome to receive invitation of public or private organization to tailor made class

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