General training program are a platform for physical fitness activity and motor skill learning. But its regulation is limited to developing complete reaction and balance for one who is an athlete with a team back up. Their goal is win or high score. 3D PilatesCore program training is a personal supplement of motor skill learning. It drives participants to value meaningful training more than a performance on art movement. Through 3DX program training, we build up an improving system in balance and reaction for muscle control. It is beneficial to all aspects of sports performance and physical fitness.

We guarantee to improve all participants to obtain strong core in the program!

Core Strength

Many people who are interested in attaining fitness over-emphasise the importance of contraceptive muscular strength. While being strong is beneficial, it is necessary to let go of contraceptive muscular tension when the situation demands. The other side of strength is the ability to yield when appropriate. The entire range of refined strength from complete relaxation to steel-like forcefulness should be accessible to us.

The strength of bones, organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), and the nervous system is far more important than muscular strength. 3D core exercise strengthens the bones and vital organs. At the same time, it trains the mind to send the appropriate nerve impulses to the muscles.

Core Flexibility

Flexibility has two aspects: extensibility and pliability.

Extensibility is the ability of the muscles to move through the full range allowed by the physiological structure of the joints. We have a full range of extensibility but this range diminishes because of misuse or lack of use in our bodies.

Pliability is the ability to adapt to the situation at hand through movement and requires that the mind sends appropriate messages to the muscles for their use whatever range of extensibility the person possesses. It is possible for a person to be potentially quite flexible but not be flexible when it is required. This deficiency results from the improper processing of sensory data and from a consequent lack of appropriate nerve impulses to the muscles.

Core Endurance

The concept of endurance is an important aspect of Kung Fu. True perseverance also involves knowing when to stop, when to rest, and when to turn to another activity in order to optimise progress over the long haul.

Short-time, one second or two seconds, is easy for everybody, but one minute or two minutes or longer concentration is more difficult for everybody. So when we practise virtual Tai Chi, we have to concentrate with every movement. Usually one set of movements will last 1-3 minutes, although through practice one can achieve the more advanced level of 1-15 minutes or more. We need to focus our mind on the task at hand from start to the finish, with no external or indeed internal interruptions. The movements must be seamless and executed without the concept of thought. Some would say, before thinking. The mind must be pure to attain any progress, feeling the yin and yang inside all movements, and the Ch’i or Qi (air; vital energy) will naturally flow through the whole body. This can help us achieve endurance and concentration, as well as helping us learn self-control and awareness in all aspects of life.

Co-ordination and Reflexes

Co-ordination is the ability of the mind to direct the body parts to move efficiently and harmoniously. Reflexes are spontaneous responses to situations and occur without conscious thought. Properly co-ordinated reflex actions result from prior repetition of similar co-ordinated actions. Co-ordination is developed by making movements slowly and meditatively so that the mind can process them. Reflexes are the result of sufficient repetition to form well-trodden neural pathways. Because the practice of 3DX exercise requires a continuous mental involvement in all movements, the receiving, and sending of neural impulses is developed to a high degree.


Alignment can result in damaging stress on joints. Knees and ankles are especially vulnerable because they bear the weight of the body. These joints are far more susceptible to being sprained when poorly aligned. It is important that the physiologically correct alignment of body parts be learned and habituated as early as possible. The chance of a joint injury is greatly reduced once proper alignment is achieved. Alignment is also related to overall strength. When the bones are lined up properly, less muscular strength is required to achieve a given result.

Knowledge of Health and Healing

Most people do not take responsibility for their own health. Effectiveness Core becomes so highly attuned to every facet of the body’s functioning that when something is wrong, they promptly detect it. Another it is incorporation of self-massage. Massage is commonly thought of only in terms of muscles. Nevertheless, the skin, bones, organs, glands, blood vessels, and nerves all benefit from massage. Massage improves the circulation of blood, lymph, and Ch’i (or Qi) to the region involved. This combined circulation helps wash away toxins and bring along the nutrients required for healing. Massage sensitises the area involved and aids in the early discovery of problems that, otherwise, might go unnoticed and make treatment excessively lengthy or even impossible. The resulting sensitisation also has an educational effect of an increased awareness of how muscles, etc are used.

Inner Stability and Balance

Improved physical balance is an important benefit of correct exercise. Mental balance is a more difficult achievement. It releases undesirable muscular tensions, resulting in physical improvements. These tensions ultimately stem from the manner in which the mind governs the body. The release of such tensions can result only from a release of corresponding mental fixations. True mental stability occurs when the mind adjusts and releases instead of rigidly adhering to an idea. Another benefit is that uses the whole body on both sides, thereby balancing the opposite sides of the brain.

Enhanced Visualization

All levels of concentration are necessary so that the mind co-ordinates the movement of all parts of the body in relation to each other and in relation to the movements of all other parts. This co-ordination requires an active process of visualisation.

3D PilatesCore (3DX)conveys the following messages:

T Tiptop body fitness
A Awareness of body balance
I Intellectual body works

C Core muscle exercise
H Hip health
I Infinite energy
P Pose
I Ideal weight
L Life quality
A Articulate joint and muscle
T Tension reduction
E Eliminate chronic pain
S Spine exercise

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