About the 2.0 staff Workshop

With a view to promoting training for fitness professionals and helping fitness instructors enrich their professional knowledge with a holistic approach, ATFP is delivering an overseas training course for Australian and Hong Kong students in Australia. We hope to seek the kind support and assistance from your organization so that we can effectively deliver an innovative fitness instructor training course in the future.

The Tai Chi X Pilates Core program is a revolution in the health and fitness industry. This Workshop is a perfect designated fitness program and a crossover capturing both the western physical Pilates method of exercise and the eastern philosophic Tai Chi exercise system. With this innovative combination, the training is full of substance and challenge, and would be arousing great interest and fun for fitness professionals. The Tai Chi component of this Workshop has been simplified to facilitate easy learning.

TCX is a skill-enhancing program focusing on body balancing and core improvement suitable for any fitness Instructors or health professionals. The enhanced skills could beneficially be employed for rehabilitation purposes as well as healing chronic injuries of joints and body structure.

Aim / Program Objectives:

1. To understand the relationship between Tai Chi philosophy of exercise system and Pilates art of controlled movements
2. To learn a new training program to maintain healthy spine with a strong hip core muscle
3. To learn and practise several representative Tai chi Form, Stance and Pose
4. To demonstrate and understand the ‘form’ meaning
5. To find out the Pilates core training benefits to Tai Chi exercise
6. To learn the use of Tai Chi power to enhance fitness in daily life and sports performance
7. To maintain a healthy body in good dynamic balance

To disseminate Pilates Arts and philosophy in the fitness industry, we offer variety programs to suit for different organization requirement. Student can be awarded certificate attainment or Instructor certificate after attend and complete any training program. The training program cost includes Tutor fee, accommodation and transportations. Certificate will be on own cost of student.Staff Training Program

Time: 0900-1100 TCX Staff training Workshop
Tools: Rubber Band, Yoga Block, Fitball, Pilates Circle, Pilates Mat.Yoga Strap

Introduction of TCX program and how it works for Core and applies in daily life
Group discussion to Pilates and sharing
Core Basic
Selective Mat work exercise proofing in eight principles
Decode Pilates and Tai-Chi energy in Five Elements
Core – Power – Connect
Experience in body balance after Mat-work
Dynamic movement of TCX
Conclusion of TCX

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