Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel is a family doctor working in private practice with special interests in weight management and exercise prescriptions. He got a master of science degree in endocrinology, a master of science degree in cardiology and a master of muskeloskeletal medicine and rehabilitation. Besides, he got eight other diplomas in various disciplines, ranging from dermatology to paediatrics. He is the honorary clinical assistant professor of department of family medicine of HKU.

Dr Samuel Chan got 13 sport instructor certifications from various organizations, including the title of certified strength and conditioning specialist of (National Strength and Conditioning Association) NSCA of USA. Currently, he is the master trainer of various sport instructor certification courses, including the personal trainer certification course and pilates reformer instructor certification course. He has also participated in several Team Physician Development Courses and Sport Emergency Management courses in the past ten years.

Dr Samuel Chan has given various lectures or workshops to doctors or health professionals regularly on topics relating to weight management and exercise prescriptions. His articles were published in numerous magazines or newspapers. He was invited by RTHK 5 for an interview on exercise prescriptions for obese people in July 2014.


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