Mike Leung works as a Human Engineer. He holds a Bachelor degree in Fitness and Exercise and Sports and Diploma in Recreation Management. His graduated research project topic is A study of the effectiveness of a ten-minute Pilates Reformer lower limb stretching exercise on reducing muscle stiffness and improving Hamstring flexibility. Mike accumulates over 20000 hours in Pilates Reformer training where his patients include Doctor Anthony Lee (Principle of Union Hospital), Dr Yim (authoritative micro-surgery operator), Mr. Casper Fowness (Hong Kong Jockey Club Champion Horse Trainer), Ms. Sophie Thalmann (Miss France), Professor Yeung (Director of Chinese University Faculty of Business and Economic), Champion Horse Rider, Attorney, Accountant and Professionals of varies fields and industries.

In addition, Mike plays a significant role as an international sport management lecturer along with his qualification of job trainer and assessor with Cert IV in workplace and assessment. Mike also presides over 1000 training courses for a number of fitness centers across China regions since 2002 and being invited as a guest speaker to share his secret of personal training at the Beijing Fitness Tournament in 2005 and 2006. Moreover, he has held a number of key roles in coaching at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Institute of Education and varies post secondary institutions. Mike has a deep passionate of life, having a board of experience in professional athletic role which brings his altruistic contribution to the rehabilitee with the aim of assisting them to resume work and life time gratification.

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