Jeff is a devoted Tai Chi practitioner since 2003. In 2004, he was accepted by the “Gatekeeper” of Wu’s Tai Chi as disciple. He is the President of Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy Headquarters, Certified Advanced Level Instructor of International Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Federation, and has achieved Wushu 5th Duan accredited by Chinese Wushu Association.

As an experienced Tai Chi instructor, Jeff realised Tai Chi is both a martial art as well as a good tonic for body well being, and Tai Chi is also a great therapeutic sports for curing problems caused by ageing or strains. He studied at Australian Training for Fitness Professional Academy and became a professional sports therapeutic coach, he focused in the research of correlations between Tai Chi and sports therapy. Jeff is the lecturer of Tai Chi course (2014/2015) for Physical Education and Recreation Management Faculty at Hong Kong Baptist University, and by deploying new teaching approaches, he pioneered in teaching the students with Tai Chi in lights of sports sciences. In 2016, based on his various experiences in teaching Tai Chi and knowledge in sports therapy, he collaborates with Mike Leung, the founder of Sports Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Research Studio, in designing Tai Chi courses which encompass elements in Pilates, Sports Mechanics, and Sports Therapy. Jeff’s vision is to break the myths such as “Tai Chi is difficult and takes a long time to learn”, “Tai Chi is for the elderlies” and “Tai Chi is just a sports, not a martial arts”, and enable the beginners to easily learn the essence of Tai Chi.

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