3D PilatesCore Instructor Course

About the course

The 3D PilatesCore Instructor(3DX) course is a revolution in the health and fitness industry. This course is a designated fitness program and a crossover capturing both the western physical Pilates method of exercise and the eastern philosophic Tai Chi exercise system. With this innovative combination, the training is full of substance and challenge, and would be arousing great interest and fun for fitness professionals. The Tai Chi component of this Workshop has been simplified to facilitate easy learning.

TXP is a skill-enhancing program focusing on body balancing and core improvement suitable for any fitness instructors or health professionals. The enhanced skills could be beneficially employed for rehabilitation purposes as well as healing chronic injuries of joints and body structure.

Day 1-2
Aim / Program Objectives:

1. To understand the relationship between the Tai Chi philosophy of exercise and the Pilates art of controlled movements
2. To learn a new training program to maintain a healthy spine with a strong hip core muscle
3. To learn and practice several representative Pilates movements
4. To demonstrate and understand the ‘Tai chi form’ meaning
5. To discover the Pilates core training benefits to Tai Chi exercise
6. To learn the use of Tai Chi power to enhance fitness in daily life and sports performance
7. To maintain a healthy body in good dynamic balance

Day 3-5
Aim / Program Objectives:

1. To learn more about energy flow and the use of leverage through the joints based on coordination and relaxation through Tai Chi exercise
2. To be more interactive in core training for body balance
3. To learn how to empower the hip and spine
4. To explore the particular training in preventing falls for the elderly
5. To learn a meditation healing method for the parasympathetic system
6. To simplify the complex Tai Chi exercise for easy learning
7. Examination for the TCX demonstration and Pilates principles

Study Hours
6 hours x 5 consecutive days from 0900-1200, 1400-1500

Maximum 20 persons

Students who pass and graduate will be awarded the ‘Tai chi x Pilates Core Instructor’ certificate.

Course fee

Entry requirement
Experienced Instructor, coach or Pilates/Yoga member interested in Core application

What are we talking about in the 3D PilatesCore (3DX) Core program?

3D PilatesCore fitness conveys the following messages:

T Tiptop body fitness
A Awareness of body balance
I Intellectual body works

C Core muscle exercise
H Hip health
I Infinite energy
P Pose
I Ideal weight
L Life quality
A Articulate joint and muscle
T Tension reduction
E Eliminate chronic pain
S Spine exercise

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