Day 1

Program objective /Aim:
1. To understand the relationship Tai chi philosophies between on Pilates
2. To learn a new training program to maintain healthy spine with a strong hip core muscle
3. To learn and practice several represent Tai chi form, Stance and Pose
4. To demonstrate and understand the form meaning
5. To found out the Pilate core training benefit to Tai Chi exercise
6. To learn Tai Chi power to use in daily life and sports performance
7. To maintain a health body in good dynamic balance t

Day 2
Program objective /Aim:

1. To learn more energy through Tai Chi Exercise
2. More interactive in core training for body balance
3. To empower the hip and spine
4. Explore particular training for elderly falling prevention
5. To learn a meditation healing for parasympathetic system
6. To simplify complicated Tai chi exercise in easy learning

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